What is the Ruby On Rails framework?

What is the Ruby On Rails framework?

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  • 2023/01/10

This framework is actually a back-end programming tool for websites, which is provided as open source and free, and can implement the server-side part of websites and web applications in the best possible way using the Ruby programming language. Ruby on Rails, also known as Rails or RoR, is a framework that was presented 9 years after the presentation of the Ruby language, by David Hinmeer Hansen, who seems to be one of the strange characters in the computer world and has strange honors. .

This framework works using MVC architecture and actually there is a separation between its different parts. Also, one of the important advantages of Ruby on Rails is that by using it, you can use all the standard structures provided for the web, such as the use of JSON files, the use of XML structures, and the use of HTML, CSS, and the popular JavaScript programming language for construction and design. Have your own frontend.

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